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Broken Bargain

Broken Bargain - Clare Davidson If you enjoyed the first book, I expect you'll like this follow-up. I sure did.

This time around, we have a love-interest on the scene. And do you know what I like most about that? It's that we get to know him, and we're not constantly reminded how amazingly amazing he looks, or how perfectly shaped his lips are, or how stunning and smoulderingly intense his eyes are... our new love interest is "just a guy", so the developing romance follows more closely to what a teenage girl might experience in real life when a new, kinda cute classmate arrives in town.

We carry on with the theme of people being hurt and the mystery that must be solved to find out why and how to stop it... It's a clever mix of genres, really. A paranormal mystery. Kim is a great character; strong, but not inhuman. The rest of the characters hold their own, too.

Again, I read the book quite fast (given that I was rather busy with other things at the time), and that's a testament to the easy flow of the writing and how well the story drew me in.

Yeah... I'm looking forward to the next.