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My biggest passion is Writing, for which I must read. Luckily, I enjoy that too.

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Warrior's Touch

Warrior's Touch - Deb E. Howell

Just putting this here as a wee Notice Board for WARRIOR'S TOUCH.


29 July 2014: WT is definitely being read by Kristell Ink.

20 July 2014: For those uber keen, I have made the first 5 chapters available via my Wattpad profile: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9840974-warrior%27s-touch-the-aenuk-chronicles-2

... but, that'll still leave you waiting for the rest of the book. So, it's up to you if you want to read that... (plus, it's not been vetted by my editor, though it has been read by Beta Readers)

20 June 2014: For those interested, I have popped a "How I did it(ish)" blog post up on my website: HERE. It may or may not be interesting.

18 June 2014: At this stage, I have no clue of publication date. I apologise.

12 June 2014: WT shared with Kristell Ink. This is the first stage toward final publication. If they like it, then the real work will begin.

24 May 2014: It is currently in the hands of my Beta Readers. Hopefully more pleasure than chore... we shall see (nervous grimace).
Have had some promising comments from one reader regarding the early chapters.