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The Adventures of Some Kid (Adventures of Some Kid, #1)

The Adventures of Some Kid (Adventures of Some Kid, #1) - Noor A. Jahangir Does what it set out to do: portrays a normal kid having an adventure.

It's been a while since I've read a book aimed at the middle grade age group. Usually I'm reading for an under 5, now & then YA, but mostly adult. So, yeah, this one is out of my usual reading range.

That being said, this was a fun ride.

For people looking for a story in which an average, everyday kid finds himself in an adventure with pirates and Aztecs, a millionaire an Indiana Jones-type... well, this one's a goer.

**Disclaimer: I have had the privilege of having my own fiction properly reviewed by Mr Jahangir (he's a much better reviewer than me) & was supplied a free edition for review purposes.